CPD Overview


This CPD guide provides all information to successfully complete your CPD portfolio.

It is you who is responsible for completing the CPD portfolio and to submit all required information to your mentor group. The purpose of this guidance is to assist you in compiling your CPD portfolio during the course of your career.  

What is a CPD portfolio?


The Continual Professional Development (CPD) portfolio is a method for the evaluation of your current personal skills and knowledge and the  selection of appropriate training requirements for their improvement. It is a confidential and voluntary collection of material that records and reflects your past experiences as well as your present and planned activities in order to achieve your identified future learning needs. It provides a mechanism for thinking about your career development in a planned and systematic way. The best development will be derived from a properly structured personal  development plan (CPD portfolio), designed for you, by you.


You are responsible for managing your own CPD programme which is an ongoing process of maintaining, extending and enhancing your knowledge and skills for the performance and execution of professional duties. After identification of the knowledge and skills needed for your professional  competence, you will use appropriate educational methods and develop individualized strategies in order to carry out your continuing education program. The CPD portfolio will provide the necessary tools to achieve the lifelong learning, tools that will enable you to analyze circumstances and requirements within a your specific profession, tools to create the learning plan as well as tools for the evaluation of the success of using a CPD portfolio in your professional life.

Advantages and benefits

  • It allows you to take responsibility for your own learning 
  • It encourages reflection on your own learning practice
  • It enables the planning and recording of your personal and professional development
  • It facilitates lifelong learning by updating, enhancing or assessing your knowledge and skills
  • It assists in job application / interview
  • It is a carefully tailored scheme to assure relevance for your individual career now and in the future

The CPD portfolio is divided into 5 interdependent steps (shown below). The aim is to get from A to B, deciding exactly where those two points are, and looking for routes between the two. There are the following 5 stages in the process: 

  1. Setting your goals and objectives (step 1)
  2. Carrying out a ‘personal needs analysis’ by identifying your needs and determining the gaps with existing skills (step 2)
  3. Making a learning plan and verifying it by the CPD committee (step 3)
  4. Continuous progress check by CPD committee (step 4)
  5. Evaluation of your success or improvement by using the CPD portfolio (step 5)